Tutorial: Using CFE to Merge Two Fences into One
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Objective: Using CFE to combine two fences into one.
Level of Difficulty: Beginner
Please help me to shape this tutorial. If you have any questions, be sure to ask here or in a PM,
and I will adjust this tutorial.

I once wrote a tutorial for combining fences using the foundation tool.
And while that’s still a great quick & dirty tool for combining two shorter fences, it can be
tedious using that method for taller fences.

This is a DIFFERENT method, one that is much more flexible and more reliable.

With this method, you will be placing one fence on the ground, and another fence on a floor above it.
As you lower the floor, the upper fence will lower with it, right into the lower fence that is on the ground.
This will combine the two fences into one.

Okie Doke. Let's put two fences together.

1. Make a room about 3 or 4 tiles wide along the edge of your future fenceline.

2. Place a floor on top of the "room."

3. Remove all roofs, and disable Autoroof.

4. You can now replace the one wall with fencing along your future fence line. And then, if you like, you can delete the other walls while you’re at it.

5. Open the cheat window (ctrl+shift+C).
6. Type in constrainfloorelevation false.

7. Using CFE, lower the floor to the same height as the fence you’ve chosen.

(See CFE review [earlier in this post] for steps involved.)

8. Place the upper fence on top of the lower fence. (In actuality, you’re placing it on the floor, but it will stay there after you’ve deleted the floor.)

9. Depending on how much of the upper fence you want showing,
you can continue lowering the floor using stairs or steps. One step can make a big difference
in the fence’s appearance; you will want to experiment.

10. Once you have determined the best height for the upper fence, and you’re happy with it,
remove the rest of the flooring.

11. Reopen the cheat window, and type constrainfloorelevation true.

Here are a couple of examples with the number of steps/stairs necessary to lower the upper fence:

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