Battle of the Bands [Completed]
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This is a slice of life romantic dramedy that focuses on a handful of teens involved in the end of summer ‘Battle of the Bands’ competition in the fictional region of ‘Kashmire’. The band that wins will get money, notoriety, and the chance to open a real concert and break into the industry. As the summer wears on, the teens are put through trials of well…being a teenager, that could tip their fortunes toward winning or losing the competition.

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Musical Rivals

Nicholas Hart, all swagger and no substance, had come marching into the Laundromat after spying Illyana perched on the row of dryers as she idly waited for a load of laundry to get done. She gave him a curious frown as he entered. She knew he didn't need to leave home to do his laundry.

“So, you signed up for the Battle of the Bands then?” he casually leaned on the wall and asked, revealing his reason for interrupting her quiet evening.

“Yeah I did. What’s it to you?” she grinned, anticipating his annoyance.

He gave a scoff, “You know my band is playing in that gig!”

How could she not? On the last day of school the idiot had been blathering on and on about how all the teenage girls in Kashmire would fall in love with him once his band won the competition. He was good at playing, she had to admit, but Nick's ego needed to be taken down a notch.

“So?” She didn’t see his problem with a little healthy competition.

“So, I thought we were friends. Why even bother trying to play?”

The dryer buzzed and she slid off the top of the dryer to retrieve her clothes, shaking her head at his ridiculousness. He was such a big baby sometimes. She knew just what to say to push his buttons.

“Are you afraid my band will beat yours?” She raised a brow and looked over her shoulder while pulling fresh and warm clothes from the dryer into her basket.

He gave a loud, derisive laugh, “Please, I just don’t want you to embarrass yourself. Have you ever heard your guitar playing? It sounds like tortured cats!”

Illyana’s expression turned cold and stony. She remembered now why she held little respect for him anymore. She shoved the last of her clothes into the basket and made her way to get out of the Laundromat as fast as she could. His words stung her more than she cared to admit.

“Maybe we aren’t friends after all.”

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Next: The Nefarious Evelyn Jane
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