Hernando's Hideout...romantic eating

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Uploaded: 21st Feb 2006 at 1:45 PM
Updated: 22nd Feb 2006 at 2:32 PM
well, im back from the hospital, so i want to upload this lot i made just befor going in....

Hernando's Hideout....
features include....

rooftop hot tubs on a red brick patio style roof above the dining room area, with a fountain and palm trees for that romantic interlude...(and to deal with the ever-present Romance-sim need for public whoo=who, assuming you can do that in hot tubs downtown or in comunity lots...i have yet to try that ^^)

the dining area is a set of cosy curtain-off areas where romantic talking can go on without disturbing others...each cubby has a curved brick roof all to itself and candles to keep the seting romantic.

upstairs there is a small dancefloor and DJ booth, but Hernando was'nt into Karaoke, so no singing ^-^
dining and drinking are both catered for, and the food is decent, if a little hard to see i the dark booth dining, but hey, that adds to the mistique, right? :p

as usual, no custom content whatsoever....any lots i upload will come from my partiton of basic maxis only sims2....only the stuff i can buy (so that does include the christmass add on, and any other seasonal packs they will include)

in any case where there is pay-pack items included, simply ask and i will re-upload a version with those items removed...

(ooc info....i chose hernado's hideout rather than hernado's hideaway so as not to upset any rules and/or regulations...(as from the song, hernado's hideaway)....the lot says that it was built by Hernando Amore, simsvills first and foremost romance sim.....anyone looking for a romance sim, male, by the name Hernando Amore, simply ask, i will work him out, but again, i warn you, no custom content included in any of my downloads, its the only way i can make sure i dont add something that i cant remember who to credit to ^^)

Hernando Amore's Premere resturant and dance-spot....built in the late '80 to fullfill the need for Hernando to romance a swathe through the comunity of Simsvill.
Originally simply a tacky club, harking back to the '70 and the free-whoo-who period, since his recent installing to the SimFortune Simoleon (THE premier listing of eligable bachelours with 8k+ fourtunes) he has refurbished the place.
Out went the tacky day-glow hippie wallpapers and nylon carpets, to be replaced with plush velvet curtains and wooden panneling.

(anyone wishing to have Hernando in his natural habitat, his Lovenest, please ask..*assuming sims can be uploaded with their homelots, otherwise, just ask for Hernando's Lovenest and a copy of Hernando Amore here...*)