Child Support v3.0 **UPDATED**

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Uploaded: 8th Jun 2006 at 12:06 PM
Updated: 22nd Oct 2006 at 5:00 AM
This is a separate controller that will work behind your game and it wont conlicts with other hacks.
Someone requested something like this from this thread:

Support Amount (default):
pregnant $200 (until not giving birth) x 3 = 600 approx. (no support if you're playing Supporter's house)
baby $200 (Mon,Wed,Fri and Sun) x 4 = 800/week
toddler $200 (Tue,Thu and Sat) x 3 = 600/week
child $200 (Wed and Fri) x 2 = 400/week
teen $200 (Thu) x 1 = 200/week

The default support amount can be changed in BCONs.
0x00 - pregnant
0x01 - baby
0x02 - toddler
0x03 - child
0x04 - teen

The transfer of "support amount" from Supporter to Dependent is actual.
It will subtract from Supporter's family fund and it will add to Dependent's family fund.

- Dead sim can be a Supporter...
Because RealHogsFan said "paying after they die is like receiving a check from SSI until you are an adult for the death of your parents".

- Fixed Dead sim issue which was reported by Ancient Sim.
- Inserted "Sim A has met Sim B?" suggested by Syberspunk. Supporter will no longer give support to a dependent that s/he has never met.

Added this routine:
If the Supporter cant support any longer, Dependent will still receive the amount from "nowhere" and the controller will open a credit accounts (hidden from us) that will keep track of "behind" payments then when you play the Supporter's house this controller will add amount to your bills (Tuesday bills only) and subtract that amount from your credit accounts until your credit accounts is zero balance. The amount is less than or equal to $10,000 because I doubt that bills can handle more than $32,767, so if you have a credit account of $15,000, $10,000 will be added this week then $5,000 next week.

Added the ff. in Sim Pie Menus:
for Dependent,
- Child Support is ON/OFF - allows you turn on/off child support except pregnant adult. Default is ON.

for Supporter,
- Child Support.../"Behind" Payments - allows you to view the current total "Behind" Payments.
- Child Support.../Pay..$__ - allows you to pay "Behind" Payments in case that if you cant wait Tuesday bills.

- It is the same as v3.0 except that I removed "Sim A has met Sim B?"

EDITED: 10/22/2006
- PETS compatible

Pls choose only one version.

Sorry no screenshots

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