Lichfields Country Churchyard

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Uploaded: 2nd Jul 2006 at 12:54 PM
Updated: 30th Aug 2008 at 2:51 PM
Some years ago this lot was set to be turned into a leisure complex after it was acquired by Landgraab Developments. The plan was dropped though after a series of protests from nearby residents and some outright threats against Malcolm Landgraab by the head of the Bluewater Vampire Clan. The churchyard is starting to get a bit overgrown now, the names on the tombstones are starting to fade, and when its ghosts walk at night there are few visitors to observe them. Fewer still who recognise who they once were.

I just made this to have somewhere interesting to bury all those dead sims so the emphasis is more on space for tombstones than it is on entertainment for visitors. I've left the gravedigger's cottage at the front of the lot empty apart from a toilet (even gravediggers have to go sometime!) so you can put whatever you want in there. It's big enough for a small coffee bar or even a spooky nightclub perhaps?

It's a 4x4 lot and though I tried to minimise custom content there were a few things I just couldn't have made it without...

Gravestones, Hippieaystrem and Maidenhair Fern by mickyss at MTS2

Eponymous Garden Flax, Foxglove and Ginseng by k8 at Parsimonious

Giant Oleander and Giant Bogainvillea by Cathy at Aussie Topenders

Rusty Nouvelle and Rusty Wrought Iron Fences by wirelessguy at Insiminator

Thanks to all of them for some really brilliant creations.