The Slim House

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Uploaded 23rd Jul 2006 at 5:33 AM

I bring you more modern modular living today. It's nice, it's simple and it has a white, floor tile roof. I'm told it's impossible to make a standard roof white, so I tried it with floor tiles. Anyhoo...this house sits on a 3x5 lot and costs $54,749 unfurnished. I have all the expansions including Family Fun Stuff, but I don't think I used anything from that pack.

The reflective floor that you see in the pics does NOT come with the lot. They are from Reflexsims. I have packaged the house with the floors that you see in the other half of the house. This house was made using Numenor's unlevel walls, which are very useful, but you need them in order for this house to work. You can find them HERE.

And here is the rest of the custom content included in this upload:

By Numenor-Seamless Wallwindow double door, Seamless Wallwindow boundry, Seamless wallwindow door, Seamless wallwindow, Scotch pine.
By Ailias-Ceiling spotlight.
By Nengi65-Raputz white wall.
By Fat D-FatD Design Kit, open bottom diagonal.
By klarsicht42-In wall light system.
By Jonesi-transparent tile.
By 4ESF-Hosta, hydrengea shrub, rocks, woodplanks, rose bush.
By [email protected]Parsimonious-Eponymous Garden fennel, fern, flax, ginseng and redwort.
By [email protected]Simgedoehns-Sono outdoor set small fence, Modern window standard.
By [email protected]tubular fence.
By [email protected]Chicago bathroom floor.
By TS2-placement-Hardwood floor.
By Sims2 I enjoy it!-Outside wall lamp.
By [email protected]Shiny Sims-SS modern fenc-C, fram for SS modern window.
By [email protected]Aussi Topenders-Giant Garden Music Oleander
By [email protected]Modern Sim Objects-privacy window.

Whew! Thanks to all for your talent and your generousity.

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