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Above and Beyond (REQUESTED)

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Uploaded: 28th Jul 2006 at 2:18 PM
Updated: 31st Jul 2006 at 3:21 PM
PLEASE READ: Installation help: After downloading and extracting the download in the desktop,Open the file with the S2PCI(sims2pack clean installer).First, maybe you want to install the cc contents firstbefore the lot. Open the file again after installing the cc contents and install the lot only and press install and follow the pics below:

After doing that, go to the lot catalog folder and rename this: (the question marks represent the number of the lot. if the number of the last lot in your catalog is 20, then raname your installed lot to 21).

All done. Note that there shouldn't be the same numbers of the current installed lot in your lot catalog if you dint want your lot to conflict w/ other. Thanks.[/B]

This house was requested by Zephone here

Info: $430,000+
5x6 lot size(quite big, It is also requested as this size)

I have no more to say, Images explains everything.

Here are the pics:

Outdoor2,Outdoor5, High-Tech Loft window from 4eversimsfantsy

Tuscan Kitchen Set by phoenix_phaerie from MTS2

Eclectic expressions set by macarossi from MTS2

Eclectic expressions window by macarossi from MTS2

Transparent tile by RGiles from MTS2

Country Rose Dining Room by luslipz723 from MTS2

Teatable V2 by Ellis.ru

SS Modern window Type B from Sinysims

Tornado Solid Steel Fence from Theblist.com

Wall Paints and terrain paints by me

Some items in the pics are not included due to the policy from where they've been downloaded such as no distributing their items in other sites and due to the request by the requester w/c he stated that
no OFB items should be included.

items not included due to the stated condition above:

Numenor maxis lost and found Topairaires

Yang dresser from Simsgedoehns.de
Mango_Baignoire ligne Margot from Mango-Sims
Studio Line Vitrine from 11dots.com
Rugs & recolors, Outdoor chair are from 4eversimsfantsy

Note: Please do not upload it o any sites specially to the exchange and paysites.

Hope you like it. :D

If there's any comment,please post them below..

Thanks again & happy simming.