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Viktoria the 3rd (Requested)

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Uploaded 4th Aug 2006 at 2:15 PM

Requested by jakerzone from

This was fun to built.... I had to redo the roof about 5 or six times, I changed the walls severall times, searched about 3 hours for a matching door without finding one, then my fantasy was on vacation and I was helpless about the interrior, landscaping is always bad and when I thought I was finished the next game began... The lot was 7MB big which included a lot of cc I didn't use... After cleaning the house it's just 2MB large. My game needed to be started again and again and after spending the whole night on this house I'm just tired and so glad the roof is fixed and everything else seems to work, too.

Lot size: 5x3
Costs: almost 142,000§

5 bedrooms (masterbedroom with sitting area, 3 kids rooms and a guestroom)
4 bathrooms
a living room
a dining room
an office
2 car garage (and 2 parkings in front of it)

My lot includes the following cc:

*LaFenetre glass door by windkeeper
*Maxis Lost and Found Souvenir Cabinet by Numenor from
*MLF Souvenir Cabinet recoulor by MaryLou from
*Rocked 2 by tribecca from
*Chateau paneling by tolli from
*Pale Morning brick wall and teal roof slate wall from
*Marble Tile by kittyispretty69 from

Hope you like it...
All comments and ideas welcome

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