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Uploaded: 23rd Sep 2006 at 12:16 PM
Updated: 1st Feb 2007 at 10:06 PM - Text Edit

(2)The set includes: counter - doors, counter - drawers, feature, smoke alarm, tall cupboard, wall cabinet corner, wall cabinet deco, wall cabinet long, wall cabinet.

(3)The objects do not need the E.P. to use in your game.

(4)These objects are both E.P. ready and color enabled.

(5)A collection icon is included to find the set easily in-game.

(6)You may re-color with permission (easily given, just message me on the MTS2 site) but please link back to this post for the original mesh.

(7)You may include these meshes in uploaded lot’s here at MTS2 or the Sims 2 “Exchange” but please do not post on pay sites.

(8) Poly / Vertice count:
Counter - Doors: 586-650 / 762-834
Counter - Drawers: 592-870 / 774-1150
Feature: 1500 / 1508
Smoke Alarm: 312 / 567
Tall Cupboard: 552 / 816
Wall Cabinet - Corner: 288 / 420
Wall Cabinet - Deco: 648 / 728
Wall Cabinet - Long: 276 / 408
Wall Cabinet: 276 / 408

(9)All meshes were obtained from the original base game objects. All items uploaded in this post have been meshed and textured by Simtomatic.

(10)Images below.

(11) Credits: SimPE and the Mesh Tool