global mods - roof - fully-coloured opaque-textured roofs - (20090601, All game versions Compatible)

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Uploaded: 2nd Oct 2006 at 8:16 AM
Updated: 8th Jul 2009 at 6:49 AM
Introduction & Compatibility:

This series is a global roof mod to over-ride the default roof setting in order to get in-game roofs to show the full identical coloration as the input rooftop texture. So, dark roof textures will still result in dark in-game roofs with this mod while bright ones will result in bright in-game roofs.

The rules of this roof mod game:
Since this is a global mod, all default roof colours are affected and lightened from (0.4,0.385,0.38)[Maxis default shading] back to (1,1,1)[the same coloration as the roof top texture] so while using this mod and wanting the default ones or previously made customs to show up right, do the ratio math for the colourational changes accordingly. May prepare two sets for those with and without a roof mod. Or, simply remove this roof mod (as suggested by nengi65)

There're currently 3 versions.

This mod is based on the TS2 (the base game) roof shader. And, it should work well at least down to the base game TS2 and up to NL.
This mod is based on the OFB roof shader. And, it should work well at least down to the base game TS2 and up to Pets.
This mod is based on Seasons' roof shader. It doesn't work with other lower EPs.
The EP7 FT and EP6 BV versions of the shader are the same as EP5 SS, just use the EP5 SS version for EP6 BV and EP7 FT.
Note: this mod is for full roof coloration.
The EP8 and M&G SP versions are the same as the EP5 SS, just use the EP5 SS version.

There'll be a few more colorational variants on the release. Deep Blue, red, and deep green.

omitted, sorry I've something more interesting to do. :P


One application of this mod is to allow "pure" white roof in-game. Then, one can imagine what the rests can be made.
May use it with custom roof recolours for whatever cause(s).

I'm not good at texturing some snowy roof tiles (just imagine I'm not satisfied with the ones I've made thus far! :P) and don't wanna torture other users.
Anyway, I believe more talent people can make some cool snowy roofs or roofs with light colours and/or patterns

Known issues:
Surely, welcome to report any problem here.

Known Issues for Moi_roof-shader-modded-4whiteroof.rar :
1. the octagonal roof from OFB can have glitches only @ build mode (sources 1 , 2 )

1. No redistribution of this mod outside of MTS2.
2. For lot-sharing with this mod, please link back to the original thread just in case of any updated infos and any reported unforeseen problem(s).
3. Maxis is creditted for its shader. Thanks them for these.
4. Pandorasims is banned to use or host all my creations or provided infos
5. Except Pandora sims, everyone else is welcome to study, improve and refine it, and release their owns.

Choose one of them at a time.
Just dump the package into the downloads folder.

To test out other underdeveloped roof mods (still trying to figure out how to use them properly if any, and they may not be released if nothing found out working), may visit this post
They all have the white roof features.

Just 2 pix I've taken for a lot I solely made for this occasion.