Stonewood Homes - Plan D117

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This home was actually never supposed to happen. I made it when I was messing around. Well anyways, Welcome to Stonewood Homes - Plan D117. This House was created by imagination. This house is a model home in my Sims 2 game, along with 4 others. The house is partially furnished, floored and wallpapered with one wallpaper. I did this so that you can enjoy picking out your own wallpapers and your own objects. (besides the main objects.) I'll have a fully furnished house done a little later, but for now enjoy this one! Plan D117 is 1 1/2 stories with 3 bedrooms and 3 1/3 baths. Master bedroom is on the upper floor. Cost is 69,053. Lot size is on a 4x4 lot. Thank you to all who made the custom content!

Included Custom Content

Outdoor Lantern by Numenor
Wooden Stairs/White Recolour by Numenor
Dongle Arch by shufonk
Marmey's Closet 2 Tile by Marmey
Marmey's Closet 1 Tile by Marmey
Legno's Modern Chandelier by joesemsims
Modern Georgian Manor Set by phoenix_phaerie
Two Tile Arched Window by macarossi
Lafenetre Nostalgia by windkeeper
Le Petit Trianon Collection I by simnuts101
Darkened Brick/Wall by Nengi65
Darkened Brick/Floor by Nengi65
Tile White Small by Nengi65
Tile White Big by Nengi65
Pinegultcher Wood Rail In Whitewood by Nengi65
4esf Outdoor5 Rosebush by 4ESF
4esf Outdoor5 Rocks by 4ESF
Eponymous Garden Flax by Kate
Recolourable Hydrangea by Lucas Cardellini
Invisible Driveway & Extensions by roddyaleixo

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