Modern Beachfront Loft

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Uploaded 23rd Jan 2007 at 12:22 AM · Updated 23rd Jan 2007 at 11:32 PM by sim~obsessor

NOTE: NUMENORS UNLEVELED WALLS MOD IS NEEDED FOR THIS LOT OT WORK! the entire 1st fllor around the pool/basement has used his walls! get it here:

this lot was insipred my Nengie's "mad scienetits" lot she uoloaded a while back go and a recelty uploaded lot i saw today. this lot is sitting on a 2x4 lot i belive and will cost you 97-100,000 §. (i forgot the price exactly and last i check weas before the furnishing). this lot is full furnished and you can re-do it/;add whatever you want to it. it has a stair leading to the beach...whicjh really leads nowhere but id feel bad if i made it look like the sims werent utilizinmg the beach right behind them! anyway..... is 2 bedrooms 1 bath... kitchen/living room... indoor pool... and rec room in the basement with can be divided up for more bedrooms/bathrooms if you need it. has roof accese so you can have roof top parties late at night and enjoy the cool ocean breeze!

custom content included and used:
laticed wall in white:
earthy stone floor:
easy living walls and floors: (just a few):
white wood flooring:
white fence recolor by Nengie65:
invisable driveway:
palm trees:
numenors small place anywhere televios:
wall by melly sim:
Grand Trianon beds/dresser/desk:
CAS group photos:

i do belive thats it..... if you have coments just post them

in the photos you can see where i placed the lot in the bluewater village neighborhood for those of you that want it to look similar to my pics.

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