Castel de Dracule

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Uploaded: 28th Jan 2007 at 5:59 PM
Updated: 6th Dec 2008 at 1:15 AM - Fix pictures

I started this lot in December I think, and thought it would be a perfect spooky castle for a family of Vampires. The 3 graves on the lot are of the wealthy Dracule's of Romania. The count, countess, and their son all died tragically as a large swarm of flies recently descended upon the property (:P). The lot has 2 "crypts" with coffins for a vampire, 4 other bedrooms, and a servants quarters. There are formal sitting areas, a family room, study, music room, tea room, chess area, and various little seating niches throughout the halls.

Click thumbnails below to see interior pictures:

This is on a 5x5 (large) lot and it costs ยง550.057.

Custom Content:

12 floors by me
2 walls by me
1 terrain paint by me

1 terrain paint by TheSeraph9000
2 walls from
6 incredible walls by Tatiana of

I hope everyone enjoys this lot!!