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Moi's fence collection: Invisible Meshless TS2-compatibe Fence, 2-sided fences, Hybrid-fences, postful or postless fences

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Uploaded: 7th Feb 2007 at 8:58 AM
Updated: 5th Mar 2007 at 8:42 PM - more to add...:D
All are updated now, so some can feature their NL-OFB properties like the similar default ones.


1. Moi_FenceInvisibleMeshless-r
As its name says so, this is an invisible mesh-less custom fence compatible to the base game as well. No pic to show coz it's invisible!
This fence can be useful:
I. to act as invisible walls
II. to surround the swimming regions for terrain-paint-based swimming regions such ponds, lakes, etc...
III. shadowless because of its "mesh-less-ness" (so, the shadow shader can't act on it as well as there's no shadow subset )

2. 2-sided/doubly-sided budding fences:
2a. Moi_Fence_GenuineRailwayTieFencing-cc2sided
2b. Moi_Fence_ShortMortarWhiteBrickWall-cc2sided
2c. Moi_Fence_GenuineRailwayTieFencing-replacement-txmt
2d. Moi_Fence_ShortMortarWhiteBrickWall-replacement-txmt

They're doubly-sided budding fences. The former two are custom contents while the latter two are default replacements that will override the corresponding game default fences. The appearance of them are no different from the default one except their bottom-ful. In the pic, the sidings are done by the 2-sided budding fences while the central ones are thin and empty in the middle when the fences are highly inclined.

Why doubly-sided?
For some lot-builders, certain budding fences are essential for many build-features like aerial hanging wires, strings, cables, skylight frames, beams, etc.

3 Post-ful and Post-less fences:
3a. Moi_Fence_TornadoSolidSteel-ccPostless
A postless version of the Tornado Solid Steel Fence as a potential solution to this usage here
3b. Moi_Fence_Maxis_PostOnly.rar
A post only version for many Maxis TS2 fences.

4. Hybrid Fences
4a. Moi_Fence_WhiteRoyalCourtyardFencing-HighSocietyPillarPost-r
High Society Pillar column is used as the posts of the White Royal Courty Fence.
4b. Moi_Fence_InvisiBarrierFencing-columnQuaint-r
Quaint-column-posted Invisi Barrier Fencing
4d1. Moi_Fence_AncientGuardianRockWall-WhiteRoyalCourtyardPostFauxStone-r
FauxStone-Royal-Courtyard-posted Ancient Guardian Rock Wall
4d2. Moi_Fence_FauxStoneRoyalCourtyardPost-FauxStoneWall
FauxStone-Royal-Courtyard-posted Ancient Guardian Rock StoneWall
4d3. Moi_Fence_FauxStoneRoyalCourtyardPost-FauxGlassStoneWall
A glassy version!
As its name suggests, this fence is a mix of the stated fences.
4f. Moi_Fence_TombstoneFence
Use this tombstone fence to fence your sacred regions :D.

5. PhytoFences
5a. Moi_Fence_A-maze-ingHedge
Ever get bored making hedge bounding? Here's another way to do it... fence your house our new hedge fence... no need to pick them up one by one since then. No maintenance needed.
5b. Moi_Fence_WeedsFence
Miss the weeds?, here they come back while your sims won't panic and get crazy with them! At night, with some fence lights, they look pretty, damn right...
5c. Moi_Fence_treeBirchSingleLeafless
Leafless Birch Tree fences... not suggestable to make a lot unless you've got envious hardware supports.
5d. Moi_Fence_TreeBirch
The leaf-ful Birch Tree as fences...
5e. Moi_Fence_TreeBay
Bay tree fences...
5f. Moi_Fence_TreeBamboo
Bamboo tree makes good fencing, right?

A. Credits:
1, Numenor; for his instructions and directions... so, I've learnt what I missed to alter.
2. Maxis; for some of its well made textures and some nice features...
3. wes_h for his checks and hints; also don't miss out his fence collection here
4. Quaxi for the useful simpe.

B. Copyright Issues:
B1. I don't think you want to clone this coz there's nothing to clone for! You can study it and make your own...
B2. These recolours I made are banned to be for any direct or indirect commercial or trading usage.)
B3. No permission is necessary for redistribution of these textures and these recolours I made with proper instruction like this page unless stated.
B4. No re-naming except me .