High Street

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Uploaded 20th Feb 2007 at 5:10 PM

Lot Size 5x2
Lot Value S188,718
Furnished Yes, with mostly Maxis. Some custom walls, floor and build items (credit below)
Tested Yes, a copy has been tested for about 3 sim days. This version is untouched.

This community lot is a shopping street for your Sims to enjoy. I built this for my seaside town neighbourhood and so thematically it complements The Pier I uploaded recently.
The High Street is supposed to look like a typical British shopping street, where shops have been built into the ground floors of older houses and other buildings.
The street contains a coffee shop, clothes shop, pet shop, magazine and games shop, a grocery and a cafe. There are three empty units awaiting development, one on the ground floor and 2 on the first floor. There is also a 2 storey space above the magazine shop which can be used as a crafting area/apartment for an owner Sim. What you put into the empty spaces is your decision - craftables store, bar, nightclub, karaoke bar, bowling alley, gym, beauty parlour - the possibilities are as long as your imagination!
As it stands at the moment the lot generates 9 NPC's because of the way it's set up with each individual shop having it's own cashier.

Custom Content Included
Polished wood floors in White and Green from Holy Simoly
Seaside Retreat walls from Holy Simoly
Paint and plaster wall in Apple from Holy Simoly

Not Included but necessary
Ladder Stairs by Targa available from here on MTS2

That's all and Happy Shopping!

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