Bon Voyage Customizable Cafeteria

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Uploaded: 19th Oct 2007 at 9:34 PM
Tired of all that massive restaurants on every lot to feed your sims?
Ever wanted to have some smaller and less crowdy place for it?
you think its a kinda magic on the pics? I can tell you no.
This is just an invisible recolor of BV Tropico and Forest food stands.
As you see sims still can order food and eat talking with each other.
Now you can customize a cafeteria the way you like with any kitchen islands, barstools (no dining chairs) and decorations.
(I put a decor on a surface using counter OMSP)
You can arrange it with a drinks bar or coffee bar.

Sorry I cannot add or change the food menu available to order. I'm bad in coding.
(I guess that would be great if someone make this chief to be able to cook all restaurant food)

1. Put a stand, make in invisible with my recolor (just a stove remained as it should be)
2. Delete original barstools, enter moveobjects on cheat and place some 4 kitchen islands in a needed row.
3. Place some four barstools. Enlight and decorate your cafeteria.
that is all!

PS I did not include a FarEast stand recolor as its menu is too specific not versatile.
Fridge on the pic is just for deco (sims cannot reach it)