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Castle Le Fay

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Uploaded: 12th Nov 2007 at 9:26 PM
Updated: 25th Dec 2012 at 3:59 AM
Castle Le Fay by Tatiana

This is a 4x4 lot (5br/5ba) valued at $169,068 and comes fully furnished.
This specific package has been played/tested for 10 sim days so please forgive a few weeds in the lawn.
It requires everything up to & including Bon Voyage.

I created 37 new walls, 1 picture mesh and 3 rug recolours for this lot.
Many thanks to all of the talented artists who's inspiring cc contributed so much to this lot.

Morgaine Le Fay, a prominent figure of Arthurian Legend, was said to be a sorceress, priestess, queen and would-be world conqueror. Rumoured to be half-human and half-faerie her base of operations was Castle Le Fay in the Valley of Wailing Mists. I have imagined her home to be a place where a lot of living, learning and magic occurs and this mid-sized castle is great for all of these activities. I had so much fun playing it that I kept dragging my feet to actually upload it.

The peasant cottage offers a bit of a retreat for those castle dwellers that need a break from the intensity of Morgaine's personality. In my game, I turned it into a small home business selling various baked goods. The hot-springs provide well-earned relaxation after a hard day of brewing potions.

Please click picture for larger image

Morgaine's magic (and Targa's ascension stairs) allows all sims to move mysteriously through the 5 levels of the castle without all of the tedious climbing of stairs. Medieval tapestries adorn the walls and floors throughout the castle. Morgaine is immortalized in the portrait in the ground floor study and Circe (another "strong" woman is featured in the entrance. A great hall, music room (forgive the modern piano), kitchen, nursery and baths are also found on the ground floor.

Please click picture for larger image

You will find the 5 bedrooms located on the 2nd, 3rd & 4th levels as well as various baths & libraries, an art studio and a place to enjoy the healing public bath.

Please click picture for larger image

Custom Content
46 walls & 2 floors by Tatiana of SterlingSims2
1 terrain by Cheryl of SterlingSims2

Building & Furniture:
Tatiana's Art Gallery (2x3) by Tatiana of SterlingSims2
Castle Le Fay recoloured rugs by Tatiana of SterlingSims2
Oldham Stone Wall by Maltha & Fido of Isle of Maltha
Cupid by Maxis at TheSims2
Windows & waterfall by Macarossi of MTS2
Amicus Curiae Wall Torch by Kate of Parsimonious
Outdoor hot tub by Jasmine of Sims In Paris
Furniture by Taroo of Tarox 4 Sims 2
Antique Cooking Fireplace by Maylin of MTS2
Just one of those knights by gromit of MTS2
Stallion - Blackbird by Dragon Slave of MTS2
Hay wagon & hay by feeEssen of MTS2
Gothic chamber door, magic circle & accessories by Lethe_s of MTS2
Medieval banner pole by Marina of Marina Sims
Window by Steffor of Avalon
Ascension stairs by Targa of MTS2
Chateau collection by Frances of Caravan Shop Sims 2 (follow this link for meshes)
Eglise collection by Lithium of Caravan Shop Sims 2 (follow this link for meshes)
Candle Pack & Candle Stand by Alban of French Sims Luxury (follow this link for meshes)

Midbiscus recolours by Skye of SterlingSims2
Plants & pond rocks by Macarossi of MTS2
Plants by Kate of Parsimonious
Birch Tree Shrubby by Khakidoo of MTS2
Plants by Steffor of Avalon

Note that you will need both parts for this lot to function and appear as designed.

You will also need the meshes from:
Caravan Shop Sims :

Under Castle look for the Medieval Living Room, Medieval Nursery, Medieval Bedroom, Medieval Bathroom part 1 & 2, and Decoration/ Misc Altar Chapel. Under Church/Objects look for the Bible and Candle.

French Sims Luxury:
The candle pack from the Juliette Bathroom and the candle stand from the Trocadero Living Room.

I had a wonderful time creating & playing this lot. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do.

UPDATE (December 2012): Unfortunately Caravan Shop Sims & French Luxury Sims no longer exist but you can find the complete package, including all meshes at Castle Le Fay at SterlilngSims2