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Zoria - Requested Model

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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 10th Dec 2007 at 8:47 PM
Updated: 13th Dec 2007 at 7:50 PM
Hair recolour packaged separately, comes with maxis hair and clothing. Mesh is required!. Find it here at Xm Sims 2 number 82 and have fun with her!


Custom Content by Me:
- Zoria
- Anva Curvy Brows
- Anva Secret Eye Blue
- Anva Lashes
- Anva Alien Skintone (Edited Blend of Jirka (Catherine McNeal), Ephemera, Louis sintones.)
- Xm Sims 82 Recolour

Custom Content Included:
- Torskläppar - Gudrun by Bruno
- Triple Threat - Dolled by Rensim
- Shadow Edit by Teru_k - Ephemera
- Hollow of the Cheek by A.S.K