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[FIRST CUSTOM PET ANIMATION] Canine Self-Defence Pratice Pad

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Uploaded: 27th Mar 2008 at 1:58 AM
Updated: 23rd Oct 2011 at 10:42 PM

23 October 2011 Edit: A YouTube Playlist: Canine Defence Pad

16 June 2008 Edit: Here is a video made using this: Sims 2 - Cats vs Dogs: Fire paw Kung Fu. You'll fine more on YouTube. Thanks a bunch video uploaders!

30 May 2008 Edit: Do NOT use both of the downloads at the same time!

12 April 2008 Update: Initially, my animation did an unintended spin during the last high jump due to the differences of angle definition between the game and Milkshape. It turned out fine, if not adding an extra high-speed action, and so I didn't bother much. However, I've released the originally intended version in every aspect of the animation along side the first uploaded one. It's the file with the release date ("_12April2008") suffixed.

Pet Animation is somewhat different from Human Sims or certain object animation. I had to first reconstruct the joint hierarchy in order to get it working with Milkshape and AniMesh. And that alone wasn't a task I'll like to repeat, at any cost! While animation is still constantly being researched upon, I though of sharing something that will both amuse and hopefully offer you delectation.

I began about one and a half weeks ago. The animation alone took me days of almost sleepless nights as I had to continuously improve it. So please don't be angry at me if you find it not perfect. Between a slightly twisted arm (noticible at a certain angle only) and an outstanding pose, I chose the pose. Don't worry it is only at the last section.

Allow me to present you the Canine Self-Defence Pratice Pad:

The following pictures and all of the pictures are taken directly from the game without any picture editing. This animation entitled "Pratice Self-Defence YEAH!" comes together with custom sound! Apart from the single animation (a 15 second long one is already a work load), I've also added many hard-to-encounter interesting animation from the game itself under "More..."! See Pie Menu. Do enjoy some cool moves:

So, what are you waiting for? Let that lovable pet of yours enter a whole new realm of delectation!

Pets is required to have your pets perform, that ought to be obvious! Unfortunately, this animation is only for Adult Large Dogs only. To use it on that lovely small dog that you spent loads of time making, just change it to a large dog in CAS!

Place the unzipped package anywhere in your downloads folder.

Buy Catalog Listing:
Miscellaneous > Pets
Livingroom > Miscellaneous
Bedroom > Miscellaneous
Study > Miscellaneous
Outside > Miscellaneous

Once in game, use "boolProp ControlPets on" and "boolProp PetActionCancel true" to fully control your pets. Select a dog and click on the Canine Defence Pad for action! You need not use this cheat however as pets can perform all the actions in the Canine Defence Pad at free will. But that'll be a whole lot to wait for!

With this, pets are able to fly through or over objects including walls! To prevent that, make sure the path between the green guide grids and the grids themselves are empty. If you choose otherwise, placement rules have already been reduced, so do enjoy!

Polygon Counts:
Face Count: 136
Vertex Count: 225

The animation, moves and sounds were inspired and taken from a TV commercial titled "Lassie" by GC: Imagination At Work.
I would love to give my special thanks to Wes for his continuous advices and of course for his AniMesh.
Hexameter for his Sound Tutorial
Milkshape 3D

I would love to see your dogs in action! Capture them and attach them in a reply below this thread. Use the "Go Advanced" option. The dog has developed into hundreds of varied breeds. So I'll also be able to see how well this animation fits your unique dog and make updates if necessary. Hurry! Let's see who has the most amazing shots!