Heath Ledger as Joker

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Uploaded 8th Sep 2008 at 5:14 AM · Updated 11th Jan 2010 at 4:19 AM by ooga booga

UPDATE: many of you have commented on the fact that the mesh for the joker's nurse hair is gone, it is now part of the joker nurse upload, just download both versions.

here is a project i've put alot of hard work into, and i'm proud to present the results! i've made a Heath Ledger Joker that doesn't have most of the problems others have, like on this one the scars are the right shape and size, the left is even with the ear and the right is below it. i've also gotten the hair right, it was a pain but I did it! i'd like to credit the following people:

generalzoi for the trenchcoat

Kavar for the main Joker hair

Marvine for the nurse hair

q3tbo for the joker's nurse skirt

sleepless_angel for telling me I could use her rotten teeth texture on the joker skin

without one of these people it just would not have been the same, especially kavar, otherwise it wouldn't be half as good.

things you must know before download!
the makeup is made of 2 pieces, the red and black is in the eyebrows section, and white is in the full-face makeup section.
the nurse outfit and normal outfit have different white makeup the nurse one is cleaner.
and for the actual eyebrows, they are in eyeliner section, that way they're behind the makeup.
and finally you'll find the trenchcoat in the glasses section.
make sure you've read and fully understand the above text!

finally, The Dark Knight is a freakin amazing film! I really miss Heath now, don't worry about missing him too much to be able to see it, he completely dissapears into the role and for 2 and a half hours I forgot that was Heath, best performance i've seen in years!
please download and enjoy!

Custom Content by Me:
- joker nurse suit
- joker's eyes
- eyebrows
- joker makeup
- joker makeup p.2
- joker scarred skin
- joker's nurse hair
- joker nurse clothes
- joker nurse skirt
- The Joker
- joker red and black makeup
- joker trenchcoat
- joker's hair
- joker's suit

Additional Credits:
kopple36, harlequin eyes, and tiggerypum for providing most of the feedback
thanks to sheepy-pie for telling me about gimp, it made this so much easier!