Michael Gambon inspired Dumbledore!

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Uploaded: 23rd Nov 2008 at 12:20 AM
Updated: 23rd Nov 2008 at 4:41 AM
I've been waiting for a Dumbledore to resemble Michael Gambon's portrayal.
Now, I've done my best to create him myself.
Enjoy :o)

Everything You NEED to Know

1. Dumbledore's Cap is a recolor of the "Seminole Hat" created by
Alexarosa. The mesh for the hat must be downloaded here! The file you need is in the first post and is titled "Seminole_TeenAdultElderMulti_hair_Hats.zip".

2. Dumbledore's Hair is a mesh edit and recolor of the Simply Natural hair by Divino Sims, however the site is no longer running and no policies were enacted, so I'm included the mesh, seeing as I edited it myself anyway.

3. Dumbledore's Skin was created by me, and you can download an alternative version that includes his injured hand.

4. Dumbledore's glasses require a mesh that can be downloaded here! The glasses themselves were created by icedmango over at GoS. They were included with permission and the entire collection can be seen here.

5. The beard included was originally from the TS2 Holiday Pack, however, by downloading some meshes you can have the fully functioning beard in your game w/o the holiday pack! To do so you must download "MTS2_173806_dewshine_WintermuteaiFuManchueAnd_Mesh.rar" from here, ALL FILES from here, and "FatherTimeBeardFix_Fat.zip" from here!

6. The mesh for the robes must be downloaded from here!
The file is "DP-Men-WizPrince.rar" and it is in the Medieval Men clothing post. The texture is a recolor used with permission (and much thanks) from Sherahbim and they can all be found here!

Custom Content Included:
Eyebags, Forehead Puckers, Laughter Lines by Onah
Facekit, Eyebrows, Circonflex Anti-Shine Blush by Rensim
Realistic Eyes V8 by Barcelonista
Nose Definition by dachshundsr4me
[EphemrA]Nature Lips by Teru_k
Realistic Eyebags by Simenroute