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Everett Dining Set

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Uploaded: 7th Feb 2009 at 3:49 PM
So many of my sims live in mega-cramped apartments without enough space to squeeze a full-sized dining set into, so I made something a little more suited to their minuscule dining room real-estate.

Set includes dining table and chairs, wall light, two end tables and two decorative planter boxes.

The surfaces and seating use repository textures (should be my tagline by now...). You must have the dining table in your game for the other items to show up properly.

The mini planter box also uses textures from the full-length planter box, so you need to have that one in your game for the other to work.

4 color options for the planter boxes, 4 color options for the wall light, and 15 color options for the table and end tables.
The image-compression requirements for mts2 are heinous, so these screenshots don't do the set justice at all. Take a peep at these in-game and you won't be disappointed.

Also: The chair will appear to have multiple clones of the same recolor-- this is because I didn't change anything about its color for each of the 15 recolors of the table and end tables. I could have modded it to not be recolorable, but I thought it would be best to leave it the way it is for recolors you guys may want to make.

Enjoy! PM me if you'd like an explanation of the uv map of the end tables for your recolors.

Polygon Counts:
Dining Chair: 628
Dining Table: 396

End Tables: 552

Wall Light: 328

Planter Box: 1072
Mini Planter Box: 546