Amanian Race

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Although they look pretty hostile, the Amanians, of planet Amania, are a peaceful race that only live a couple of galexies over.
Abducting the odd human here and there, they don't mean any harm, they just want to learn about us!
So they've sent some scouts to take a closer look!

Will they be living in your neighbourhood?

This sim is the same as my Default Replacement Pollination Technician.
but I wanted to upload it as just a sim so that if you liked my Default PT, but didn't want to replace your old one, then you could still have it in your game!

*Sim is packaged with no CC. I have put links to the places I got the CC i used in the images - i would have packaged them too, but they were default genetics*

*You'll find it under Adult Female in the Lightest skintone in the faces bin. just apply your own alien genetics! (they look kinda funny without it)*

(I'd just like to ask that if you decide to download this, or any of my other stuff, PLEASE click the little "Thanks" button too , i wasn't so bothered about it at first, but i'd like to get to atleast the 100x thanks Acomplishment! XD)

Custom Content by Me:
- No CC is Packaged

Additional Credits:
CC in images:
Eyes - Club Crimsyn for making the originals & Sausage for making them defaults.
"Barbie" Skin/Nude Skin - Navetsea.

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