10 fabric patterns converted from Sims 2

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Uploaded: 14th Jan 2010 at 8:07 PM
Updated: 14th Jan 2010 at 8:30 PM
I have created some fabric patterns. I have made them by extracting patterns from Sims 2 clothing. I have made 4 styles which belong together. All in all there are 10 new patterns. I have made them with TSR Workshop and extracted them with Sims3pack Multi-Installer.

Here is a detail view of all 10 patterns.

The patterns are categorized as fabric pattern. They are seamless. You can use them for clothing or objects with fabric like couches, towels, ...
  • Pattern 1: Corded pattern. 1a with horizontal stripes, 1b with vertical stripes. 2 color channels (stripes and the rest)
  • Pattern 2: Silk pattern. 2a and 2c are horizontal. 2b and 2d are vertical. 2a and 2b is a smaller version of 2c and 2d. 1 color channel.
  • Pattern 3: Woven pattern. 3a is basic, 3b is 3a combined with a checked pattern which was already in game. 1 color channel.
  • Pattern 4: Wool Pattern. 4a is the matching seam pattern. 4b is the basic pattern. 1 color channel.

I have used all patterns with this umbrella. So you can see the differences within a pattern style and between the patterns.

Here are some clothing using this patterns. They are: 2d (white), 2b (red), 2a in the middle (blue) and 2b the rest (white), 2c in the middle (white) and 2d the rest (blue), 1a the jacket (dark) and 3b the top (blue), 4b the jacket (grey) and 1b the pullover (red) and 3a the shirt (white), 3a the pullover (red) and 1a the scarf (white).

Below there are more pictures.

Additional Credits:
TSR Workshop, Sims3pack Multi-Installer