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Forever Eyes

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Uploaded: 22nd Feb 2010 at 10:32 PM
Updated: 8th Apr 2010 at 4:03 AM by Torako-Tiger-Girl
Hello, it's me again! This is a set of eyes I've been working on on and off for quite a while now. I heaped a lot of time into these. They were quite fun to make, more fun than my Angelina and EstherBella sets, combined. I rather like the finished product, the final products are now here!!

There are six recolors. in order from left to right, first line first, of the above image:
1. Ardent Amethyst
2. Severe Sapphire
3. Ersatz Emerald
4. Gluttonous Gold
5. Resplendent Ruby
6. Austere Aquamarine

I've also included a screenshot of what the swatches look like (I don't know why but I seem to have a habit of doing that). Click on image to see why they say "Mouse on", I have a feeling a lot of people will be asking that.

My inspiration behind these eyes were like a rainbow in a black and white world, of color taking over where there was none, and generally of happiness spreading out. You'll probably notice the sclera and tear ducts are black and white; this represents depressive boredome and apathetic-ness. The pupils represent a happiness or intensity spreading out and changing the blackness into light and darkness into day. Or something smart-ish sounding like that.

I could just compose such an epic poem about this, but of course I'm not going to, so ha ha. Hmm... what else to talk about... oh! Yeah! The model, her name is Yuki Ayano and she's a Japanese schoolgirl. See below for model credits and other stuff.

Additional Credits:
Model Credits (Yuki Ayano)
Hair: Raonsims
Skin: chakaru @ MTS
Eyes: you should know who by now.
Eyebrows: Claraviolet @ the Exchange

Eyeliner: Bruno @ MTS
Eyeshadow: Bruno @ MTS
Lips: Bruno @ MTS
Blush: Vanilla Femme (closed site) + Shady Sims 2 (?)

Thanks to all MTS eye creators for inspiring me, I really love your guys's eyes, they are far better than this, and probably always will be. And of course to site staff for making MTS possible for all of us.
10 out of 10 lepid llamas would thank the MTS staff for the website*.

*don't ask.