EA Face Overlay Fix

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Uploaded: 26th Mar 2010 at 4:37 PM
Updated: 31st Oct 2011 at 4:20 PM
These have been a long time coming and I've finally uploaded! Sorry for the wait guys.

This fixes two issues I had with EA's face overlay, I've removed the pink lip tinge that comes with Teen, Young Adult, Adult and Elder females and replaced the Eye whites for all ages and genders with my own to enable smaller eye's.

EA are fond of doing silly seemingly useless little things and the eye whites are no exception, they've put the iris texture onto the overlay for the eye white which means any eye texture smaller than EA's will have a pale blue ring.....
Look at the screen shot using my small eye and you can see why there aren't many smaller eye replacements!

I removed the eye texture from my game for a better comparison (don't worry, your sims won't suddenly have a freaky eye!)

The lip overlay has been removed completely, while its not an issue on paler Sims, darker and fantasy colours just look sooooo wrong. Besides if I wanted my Sims to have a lip tinge I'd just slap a lipstick on.

There are three packages for you too choose from and you can only have one in your game (remember you can't have any other Face overlay replacements either).
Eye whites & Lips give you the full fix,
Eye whites will give you Just the eye whites
Lip overlay will just give you the removed lip overlay without the eye white.
I wouldn't have bothered with the last two but I thought some of you may want a choice.

Remember if you do create smaller eyes using the eye white overlay then down-loader's will need to have it in their game to, so don't forget to link.

Pop it in your mods folder and enjoy.

Ok, so I thought I should start linking to other small eyes that don't change the face overlay. I hope to see this list get bigger!

Default Eye Replacement with small version by myself

Mariana's Natural Eyes - Colorful or not by SimRivers

Additional Credits:
Custom Content used in screen shots

HystericalParoxysm's Textured Skin
kiwi_tea's World Niua Simoa
EA Store outfit
Small eye by myself