Archaeology Major

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Hi All!

Today I bring you my Archaeology Major! This is the first major that I've created and I'm very proud of it! I hope you have some adventurous sim in your hood that will enjoy taking this in university!

I haven't studied archaeology Google is my friend! Enjoy!



Description: Archaeology also spelled Archeology is the study of past human societies, primarily through the recovery and analysis of the material culture and environmental data which they have left behind.

Freshman Year
History of Archaeology I: Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages, The Building Blocks Of Modern Archaeology

History of Archaeology II: Ancient Egypt, Stonehenge and Mesopotamia What They Taught Us

Sophomore Year

Archaeology and Anthropology: How Are They Related?

Origins Of Civilization: The Comparison of Civilizations in the Old And New Worlds

Junior Year

Food, Diet And Ancient People: Surveying Evidence for all Tree, and the Changes Brought by Farming

Paleolithic Archaeology: Intro to the Emergence Of Culture and the Reconstruction of Early Life

Senior Year

Plunder And Preservation: Cultural Heritage in Wartime

Politics And Archaeology: Explores how Archaeology is Shaped by and Manipulated for Political Purposes.

Should work with non-US versions of the game
Should not overwrite Maxis majors
Custom Guid

Custom icon was created by myself (though I am no artist!
Skills needed:
Logic - 5
Creativity- 4
Mechanical- 4
Cleaning- 4
Charisma- 1
Body- 1

You need FrikaC's Majors Made Easy for this custom major to show up in your game!

Additional Credits:
Thank you Whiterider for the awesome tutorial, and FrikaC for Majors Made Easy! And last but not least, SimPE. Awesome program!

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