Case Study House #3

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Uploaded: 5th Sep 2010 at 2:57 AM
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Case Study House #3

This build is in the spirit of the series I've been invested in; my "SGM" series (sustainable, green, modern). This home, built in the 1940s, was a precursor to the SGM and modular homes that are carving a niche in todays architectural market...using the best products in the best way to derive the best solution.

Here's a little bit about the Case Study House Program. Case Study House #3, by architects William Wurster and Theodore Bernardi, was built between 1945-49 in the Hollywood Hills.

While I tried to stay true to the actual plan, some liberties were taken. But, overall, I'm proud of the way it turned out. I kept with the 1940-50s design theme as far as color, but used some new, modern decor that works well. It also plays very well, too. I've playtested the home for the better part of 7 Sim days and it's terrific for throwing parties.

Amenities Include:
- 3 bedrooms
- 2.5 bathrooms
- Side garage
- Large, open floor plan
- Office/Study
- Large outdoor patio area with pool

You'll need to do a bit of shopping:

Custom Content Used but NOT Included:
- Opera Modular Sofa by blake_boy
- KitchenBasic Set by buggybooz
- Aqua Plus Shower Stall by HugeLunatic
- Modern Rugs - #08 by Nengi65
- New Rug MESH 3x4 by Nengi65
- Magnolia Tree by Numenor

- I've included a separate file for the recolors - "Case Study House #3 - REC"
(please download and install this file before entering the lot)
- I've also included Twiggy027's Metro Window 1 Master mesh so you won't have to download the whole set.

Thank you for your support and taking the time to stop by have a look. Comments and "Thanks" are always welcome.

Lot Size: 4x4
Lot Price: $112,969

Custom Content Included:
- Metro Window 1 - Master Mesh by Tiggy027
- Metro Window - metal recolor by Tiggy027
- Edge Smoother Gray by Ailias
- Bathroom Bliss by HugeLunatic
- L9T Natural Bath Collection Floor - Copper Graphite by lara9taylor
- Grey Glass Tile by Neveah223
- L9T Hampton Desk by lara9taylor
- L9T Hampton Desk - Dark Wood recolor by lara9taylor
- Modern Fence Low(White) by lirunchik
- Modern Fence Low by lirunchik
- Modern Fence Very High by lirunchik
- Modern Fence Very High Half by lirunchik
- Modern Fence Very High Quater by lirunchik
- Metro Window 11 by Tiggy027
- Trillium by macarossi
- No. UL07 | Part of the Rolf Logan Urban Loft Collection - Village by Xtian
- No. UL31 | Part of the Rolf Logan Urban Loft Collection - Artist Grey by Xtian
- No. UL34 | Part of the Rolf Logan Urban Loft Collection - Lancaster Blue by Xtian