20 Base Game Starter Homes (no CC)

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Riverview Road 1-20
This is a collection of all the starter homes I built for The Sims 3. Even though I have most expansion packs installed to my game all these houses are built with base game objects only. I'm not sure if all the lot sizes are already available in Riverview or Sunset Valley but you can add them with the World Editor in your game. Just make sure to choose a flat area to place the lot, otherwise you may need to edit the borders of the lot before you can use it.

Only The Sims 3 Base Game required
No Custom Content used/included
Built with Game Version

Cheats used: moveobjects (for objects, plants etc), buydebug (for vegetables and extra items)
Some roofs have different heights and will snap back to normal if you adjust the roof height with the slider

The Lot Sizes
10x10 (10 lots)
15x10 (5 lots)
20x15 (1 lot)
20x20 (2 lots)
30x30 (1 lot)
35x25 (1 lot)

The prices for the furnished lots range between 12,593§ and 20,000§ (please see lot descriptions for details)

The Lot Basics
All houses are fully furnished and all of them are decorated with at least a few plants, curtains, wall art and/or things like that. Some of them have extras like a vegetable garden, bicycle(s), a car, a chess table, an easel etc. and all lots with a garden have some sort of landscaping (at least a little terrain paint) – I tried to make the lots look as nice as possible, even if there wasn't much money left.

The houses were built for 1-2 sims. Seven houses have a single bed included so they can only be occupied by one sim, the other thirteen houses are equipped with double beds (four of them are below 16,000 so a single sim could move in, too).

The Basic Interior
  • bed, side table, dresser
  • sofa and/or armchair(s), table, bookshelf, tv and/or radio
  • stove, kitchen counter, sink, fridge, waste bin, table, chairs
  • shower or bath tub, toilet, washing basin, mirror

For special notes regarding extras or alterations please see lot details in the first ten comments.

A copy of each house was playtested with 1-2 sims for at least one sim-day – all lots are playable, even the small ones. Sims may only complain about cheap furnishings and cheap household appliances.

All lots were playtested with game version and had a short functioning test with the newest game patch (4.3) in September 2010.

One sim died while fishing in the little pond of the house in Riverview Road #18. She got hit by a meteor and her husband wasn't able to save her because he had been at work. May you rest in peace, Megan O'Riley.

  • To MTS for the "Official Foundation Contest" this year - and to all who participated in this contest - it was great fun and gave me new motivation to build houses again.
  • To HugeLunatic, leesester and whiterider for being so helpful and giving advice for optimizing the pictures for this multi-post upload.
Thanks and hugs to all of you!