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3 Maxis Base-Game Interior Doors Recolored

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Uploaded: 11th Jun 2011 at 10:20 PM
To be honest, I don't use Maxis's interior doors all that much. Generally, I use interior doors from the Maxis completer sets that match the windows I use on a house, or I use all-CC sets that have matching windows and doors. However, if I'm using a Maxis window that doesn't have a completer set, I'll generally use one of three Maxis interior doors, and those are the three included here.

We have the cheap, panel-less JustaDoor:

And we have the heavily-grained 2-panel Walnut Door:

And we have the lightly-grained 4-panel Old Yankee 4-Score Door:

All of the images above were culled from pics taken in-game and indoors, since that's where these doors will generally be used. They are lit by the light from one window.

These files will recolor the Maxis arches that go with these doors, too. They will also recolor Leesester's two-tile versions of these doors, here and here, if you have them. (And I highly recommend them if you do not, especially if you often have two-tile-wide hallways with a door at the end and two-tile-wide entries to bedrooms, like I often have. Because in those cases, doors on one tile just look stoooooopid.)

Here's a sample pic of the 4-Score Door in the Saddle color, which is the color that most closely matches the "medium" wood from Maxis's Mission Style furniture, along with a matching La Fenetre window from my upcoming recolor set of those:

You'll find similar pics of the other two doors attached. The one with the Justa door is in the Cayenne color, which most closely matches Maxis's "dark" Mission wood with its red cast. The one with the Walnut door is in the Espresso color, which most closely matches Maxis's dark "Bohemian" wood from Apartment Life.

In all likelihood, these will be the only interior doors that I will recolor, other than the Oaktowne Classic door. I like that one's extra-tall height and, in conjunction with CC sidelight windows, I use it on exteriors as often as interiors. However, if you find yourself with a burning need for a Maxis interior door other than those in my colors, feel free to shoot me a request. Rest assured that I have/will be assaulting all of the wooden exterior doors that are included in the EPs/SPs that I have.

And that's about it. Exciting, huh? As always, the files in these downloads have been compressed, and they are all clearly named so that you can discard the colors you don't want/need. Also as always, please forgive my aging video card's inability to render nice, crispy graphics or smooth edges. It really shows on some of these pics, I'm afraid, and I don't go to any Photoshop efforts to make my pics look better. I'm not into false advertising. The good news is that all of my stuff will probably look better in your game than it does in mine!