Chestnut Friesian

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Uploaded: 27th Oct 2011 at 7:37 PM
A while ago I read about chestnut colored Friesians, and since they are one of my favorite horsebreeds I had to check them out. I stumbled upon some pictures (see below) and I instantly fell in love! Such a beautiful being, I just couldn't believe my eyes.

So I decided to re-create them in the sims for all of you to enjoy!

Here is Chesire:

Having worked with a few IRL Friesians I gave her the traits that (in my eyes) really suit the breed. She is:


These horses are truly a gentle-natured breed and even the young stallions are a breeze to work with. Their calm personality combined with a stunning appearance makes them great pets to share your life with.


PS: She has a star as seen on the photo, only the long mane covers it up.