RegTree Palm 3t2

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Uploaded 21st Nov 2011 at 7:02 PM · Updated 19th Nov 2011 at 7:18 PM by Lina

EAGames are (according to myself) outdoing themselves with the items they're making for The Sims 3. Sadly, I do not play said game (atleast not very often) and do not get to enjoy the goodies - I assume I'm not alone in wanting some items from The Sims 3 for The Sims 2. Today I come bearing a palm from the TS3-store. Since I didn't like the pot very much I descided to get rid off it and make a regular tree instead of a potted plant.
These palms can be found in the Garden Center under Build Mode, both cost 250 simoleons. The leaning tree is slaved to the upright one for textures, you you will need the master-file if you wish for the slave-file to work.

Polygon Counts:
Master-mesh - 1281
Slave-mesh - 1281

Tags: #tree, #palm, #garden, #conversion, #TS3 2 TS2