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!Updated 01/13/2012!: Animated Lizards and Rodents

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Uploaded: 29th Dec 2011 at 2:33 PM
Updated: 11th Mar 2012 at 2:25 PM by leesester
I fixed a GUID mistype in one of the BHAVs for the red-headed rock agama. Please redownload. I also attached a new version of the lizards and rodents in the first post. These files are altered so that the pets will not wake Sims sleeping in the same room. I splitted them up into two rar files, because some people reported problems when trying to download large files here on MTS.
If you still have problems, you can download this version from my own server here.

If you're files are getting corrupted when downloading the large file attached to the main post (I guess that's due to the file size), try downloading the pets that won't work separately from Comments.

There's a Addon Pack for the Sims Tracker taking account of my pets available here.

Hi there,

I converted the lizards and rodents which came with the new Sims3 EP for the Sims2. The animals and cages are fully, though not perfectly animated.
Watch this video to have a closer look on the strenghts and weaknesses of the animations:

I attached only a selection of pictures. Further pictures of the cages and animals are in comments. You can also download the animals separately there.

The Pets EP is required.

The set contains...
...7 rodents (5 meshes/2 recolors):

squirrel cage: 1878 polys, same as all other rodent cages. This is the MASTER object* for all pet cages included in this set, so do not delete the file sim2me_eichhoernchenkaefig. Comes in five colours (see attached preview).
*you can download the MASTER files separately in the second comment.
squirrel: 850 polys. The grey one is the mesh, the brown one is rec1 and the dark brown one rec2. (sim2me_eichhoernchen.package)

chinchilla cage + chinchilla: 958 polys. (sim2me_chinchilla(kaefig).package)

hedgehog cage + hedgehog: 776 polys. (sim2me_igal(kaefig).package)

rat cage + rat: 926 polys. (sim2me_ratten(kaefig).package)

chipmunk cage + chipmunk: 906 polys. (sim2me_streifenhoernchen(kaefig).package)

...14 lizards (6 meshes/8 recolors):

red-headed rock agama + cage:
2134 polys for the cage, same as for all other lizard cages. 972 polys for agama. (sim2me_agame(nkaefig).package)

lizard anole + cage: 1044 polys. The green one is the mesh, the brown one the recolor. (sim2me_anole(nkaefig).package)

chameleon + cage: 976 polys. The green one is the mesh, the blue one rec1, orange one rec2 and red one rec3. (sim2me_chameleon(kaefig).package)

iguana + cage: 1054 polys. The green one is the mesh, the light green one rec1 and the orange one rec2. (sim2me_leguan(kaefig).package)

texas spiny + cage: 996 polys. (sim2me_texanischedornechse(nkaefig).package)

toyoko gecko + cage: 992 polys. The blue one is the mesh, the black one rec1 and the yellow one rec2. (sim2me_toyokogecko(kaefig).package)

I cannot do the other pets because the mammal animations would simply not fit, so don't ask me.

Have fun!

Additional Credits: