The Greenhouse Effect- 1Br/2Ba

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EDIT: Recently called "The Greenhouse Project", changed to "The Greenhouse Effect"

Note: Yes, I didn't change the title in the thumbnail, whatever...

--behind the home--

The GreenHaus Project Is the product of a long mental process which began with me sitting in my geometry class, suffering from an Architect's form of Writer's Block. Recently constructing Lines, I wanted to continue making houses of the same caliber, but couldn't think of an original concept. After completing a trigonometry problem on the height of a greenhouse, I came up with the idea, A house in a greenhouse! What a novel concept! Thus The GreenHaus Project was born. My original idea was to have a large hexagonal greenhouse the house as it's core and extensions for a study, pools and whatnot. When I began to build the frame, I realized this idea was going to be much too big. I sat down again, starting from scratch and came up with a square house surrounded by 4 L-shaped Greenhouses. I set upon building the home, and added artistic touches as I went, Including the raised 2nd-floor roof, the outjets, and the pool and ponds. This is the product.

--the home--

The GreenHaus Project is a lavish 2-story home. Surrounded by extensive greenhouses, it is eco-friendly and very vibrant. The home comes with any standard commodity you would expect - A half bathroom, an open floor plan including a kitchen, 3 reading areas, and a dining room, a large master suite, a lavish master bath with astonishing views, and a study with a wall left empty for any custom-painted portraits for your savvy art collector Sim. Inside the greenhouse, which is surrounded by rustic brick fountains, is a large pool surrounded by plants and a nice, cool lounging area. Even in the winter, this is a great place to go out and relax and enjoy the sunshine, if it manages to shine through the foggy windows due to the temperature difference.

Furnished - 120,050
Unfurnished - 76,052

Notes: Just an interesting fun fact, when I was saving the thumbnail for this house , like I always do, I call it with the most descriptive word in the title and then thumb, so i named it GreenThumb.jpg, which just really seems to fit this house.

Lot Size: 3x2
Lot Price: Listed

Additional Credits:
Anybody who commented on this lot in the C.F. Forums, Although, I couldn't really take all of your requests for changes, due to the fact my Sims 3 crashed and I am uploading this because I simply have the file. I still hope you enjoy it though!