Porsche Dealership

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Uploaded: 13th May 2012 at 2:59 PM
Hello again, I have another dealership for you today! This is a gorgeous modern Porsche dealership for selling masterpieces. The dealer has the normal elements; a showroom, a back lot, a lounge, a office, and a cash register. The dealer holds room for many car models and many of the models come in multiple colors. In the download I have included a wall set that really makes the dealer. It is shown in the first picture (and here) and is the grey square pattern, and the Porsche text letters, making it a 5 piece set. The Porsche letters will be located in the Poured section, and the plain squares are in the Paint section. Thanks and I hope you enjoy! REMEMBER I DO TAKE REQUESTS FOR DEALERS AND MURALS AND RECOLORS!

Required Cars:

Fresh Prince: Cayenne - http://freshprincecreations.com/cayennets2.htm
Fresh Prince: Panamera - http://freshprincecreations.com/panamerats2.htm
Fresh Prince: Carrera - http://freshprincecreations.com/2008porsche911ts2.htm
Fresh Prince: Cayman - http://freshprincecreations.com/2008porschecaymans.htm
Vovillia: Tyoe 997 Turbo Cabriolet - http://www.vovilliacorp.com/2010-po...olet-t4480.html
Vovillia: Type 997 GT3 RS - http://www.vovilliacorp.com/2008-po...3-rs-t2159.html
Vovillia: Type 997 GT2 RS - http://www.vovilliacorp.com/2008-po...-gt2-t2171.html

Lot Size: 4x3
Lot Price: 248,885

Custom Content by Me:
- Grey Squares
- Porsche Text 2
- Porsche Text 3
- Porsche Text 1
- Porsche Text 4

Additional Credits:
Vovillia and FreshPrince, thanks for the cars!