Just Jeans 2.0

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Uploaded 5th Jun 2012 at 9:57 PM · Updated 11th Jul 2012 at 8:12 PM by fanseelamb : editing related pages

Here are some barefoot jeans for dudes. They come in a few varieties, so listen up:

Full Body: Low rise jeans with no shirt or shoes. Available in two colours - black and dark blue. Can be worn by adults and young adults. Can be used as Everyday, Athletic, or Sleepwear. The sleepwear option is mainly there so sims can lounge around the house in them and then change into something more appropriate when they go out. Same for the athletic option really, although they look fine as workout wear too.

Separate Bottoms: Can be worn by adults and young adults. Available in black and dark blue, low rise and "untucked." The low rise pants can be worn with basically any top. The "untucked" pants must be paired with long tight tops like these to avoid looking ridiculous.

Both styles use new meshes made my me. They both have working fat and pregnancy morphs.

BONUS: At no extra cost, you can have my very own topless top for adult (and young adult) male sims. How does this differ from other topless tops out there? Well it's decustomized so it shows up with the Maxis basegame content in your clothing catalogue. This makes it way easier to find when you're trying to pick out clothes... or, errr, non-clothes?... for your dude. Enjoy.

Polygon Counts:
Full Body Mesh: 1840 polys; Bottoms Mesh: 796 polys; basically the same as Maxis poly counts

Additional Credits:
Tanktop pictured available here. Hairstyles pictured are my own slight edits of Maxis hairstyles, available here. Jewellery pictured is from the Bon Voyage expansion and is not part of the clothes. Oh, and if the whole barefoot and shirtless thing looks familiar, that may be because it's a remake of this old upload. I'd always wanted those jeans to be less baggy but couldn't make new meshes at the time. And now I can. Yay!