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A very versatile new top!

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Uploaded: 12th Nov 2012 at 3:45 PM
Updated: 28th Nov 2012 at 1:17 AM - Thunks added to accessory tops and waist seam fixed
EDIT: The waist seam issue with the original download has been fixed. Thumbs have also been added to the accessory tops -- the row of hands in CAS have been replaced with thumbs that look like what they actually are.

I searched everywhere for this top, and was never able to find one.

So, I learned how to mesh and made the darn thing. By itself, it's an open front, rolled sleeve male shirt designed for female Sims to wear around the house as a night shirt. Add one of the included accessory tops, and this thing can go everywhere.

The top itself fits female young adults/adults and is set for everyday, sleepwear, swimwear, athletic and career. It's valid for both random and pregnancy. The shirt bottom is flared just enough to allow almost all lower body clothes to be worn with it. There are a few skirts that are too bulky and will clip into the shirt, but most of the EA bottoms do work. The top has 3 presets, each one a little different.

Version 1 has 3 recolorable channels -- the main body, the cuffs, and the collar are separate.

Version 2 only has 2 channels. the main body of the shirt and the cuffs.

Having to change the collar every time the pattern is changed gets annoying, so if you don't want a unique collar this version is for you.

Version 3 was designed with the beach in mind.

On top of the cuffs, collar, and rolled sleeves being colored separately, there's a "Surf's Up" logo over the front pocket and a stencil of Joe Cool surfing on the back. The text over the pocket and main body of the surfboard have their own color channel for a total of 4.

The accessory tops turn the shirt into a lightweight jacket.

They're good for teens through elder, but since not all tops are complete clothing items they aren't set as random. Some tops have backs, some don't. They weren't needed for the top so they were left out if they required too much fiddling with to make them work. The pic shows each top's default color settings, how many channels it has, and whether or not it has a back.

Polygon Counts:
Lod1 3564
Lod2 1243
Lod3 912

Additional Credits:
Many thanks to Bloomsbase and CmarNYC for their daily responses to my questions. Learning to mesh from scratch has a really steep learning curve, and without their help this mesh would never have been made, at least not by me.

Bloomsbase tutorial used:
Creating lod2/3 from lod1 GEOM using Milkshape's direct x Tool
Wes H his Merge tools explained and how to use them to create a pregnant morph

CmarNYC's tutorials used:
Frankensteined Clothing in Seven (reasonably) Easy Steps
Adding a pregnant morph (and more)

That covers the specific tutorials used heavily. Every tutorial in the Sims3Wiki was used at some point, so thanks to everyone who contributed to those.

Whiterider for his "Template body, face and scalp meshes (all morphs), plus skintones (for texture mapping)"

Wes Howe's Q-Mesh MS3D plugins, CmarNYC's Mesh Toolkit, Peter Jones for S3PE.
S3OC, CTU and TSRW were also used pretty heavily in the making of this top.