Shrunken Heads

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Uploaded: 28th Dec 2012 at 1:00 AM
Updated: 27th Dec 2012 at 9:59 PM
Bet you didn't know that shrunken heads don't come from voodoo, or African ritual but the only people on earth known to shrink heads for ritual are the South Americans and only very small tribes near the Amazon.

These shrunken heads are something I wanted to make since I made my wig stands here on MTS. They're made to resemble real shrunken heads to the best of my ability. I used the head mesh and cornrows hair to make these. I edited the face a little to make it look more like a real shrunken head, and lowered the poly counts on both the hair and head a great deal. The face texture is the elder male face recolored by yours truly, and the hair texture is also recolored by moi from the cornrows texture. They are somewhat small when you look at them in game. I used hotkeys to get closer screenshots. There are 2 subsets as well to this one, so you can always change the colors around if you want to.

Price - 60
Location - Decorative/Sculpture

For poly count see below.

Polygon Counts: