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Multiple Birth Tuning Mod

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Uploaded: 7th May 2013 at 2:52 PM
Updated: 22nd Oct 2013 at 11:46 PM
If you want to have quadruplets the latest version of Twallan's "Woohooer" mod will include that. You can find it at NRass industries.

What this mod does.

This mod alters the chances of having multiples in The Sims 3. I do realize there are other mods exactly like this but, they're all outdated.

Why?/Cheesy Backstory

I created this mod simply because it bothered me how ridiculously low the chances of having multiples were. I think four years of playing TS3 I had twins once. I created this mod because I felt like that all multiple pregnancies were forced one way or another. When creating this mod I made other variations, because others might like multiples a lot more/less than I do.


Realistic- 15% Twins and 10% Triplets. Overall: 25% chances of having multiples. This is the mod I personally use. I recommend this if you want multiples to be common but, not too common.

Slightly More- 10% Twins and 5% Triplets. Overall: 15% of having multiples. I recommend this if you want multiples every now and then, but, not commonly.

None- 0% Twins and 0% Triplets Overall: 0% of having multiples. This is if you absolutely hate multiples. Multiples can still be achieved through the LTR or listening to kids music/ watching kids TV.

50-50. 35% of twins and 15% triplets. Overall 50% of having multiples. Use if you want every other pregnancy to include multiples.

Always- 75% of twins and 25% triplets. Overall 100% of having multiples. Use if you want EVERY pregnancy to include multiples.


Simply plop into The Sims 3/Mods/Packages. Delete to uninstall. Only use one flavour at once.


This WILL conflict with every other mod that changes the Pregnancy XML. This includes pregnancy length, maternity leave, and backaches/nausea mods. However this leads me to my next topic.


If you want a mod that alters both the changes I listed above and the chance of multiples I will be willing to make one as a personal favor, however this is in no way required of me, so if I do that will be what I just said, a favor. But, before you go running around screaming "Oooooh, someone will do work FOR me, why should I do it myself" please, PLEASE, try doing it yourself first, and then request here. I will get to requests and post them when and if I have time.




Have no idea how to tune XML files? Something small in the TS3 that has always bothered you? Leave a suggestion in the comments and I'll see if it's something do-able.

Additional Credits:
S3PE-For the ability to do this at all

PoppySims- For the dress pictured

All the tutorials on MTS to show me how to tune files

CmarNYC'S Pregnancy Contoller.