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Medicine Major

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Uploaded: 22nd Mar 2005 at 7:23 PM
Updated: 14th May 2005 at 3:08 PM by Psion
Medical major for that future doctor in the family. It's based on the physics major so the requirements that are needed for that career is what this one follows. Let me know if it's ok and shows up in the game, and if it happens to show up as an option when choosing a major -- s'il vous plait! It's updated for all languages and has it's own icon (a red wheelchair icon -- like the ones you see on parking signs, yah that one).

Freshman Year:
Biology 101: Beyond Disceting Frogs
Biology 2: The thigh bone is connected to the...
Sophomore Year:
Health: Taking care of your own...
Chemistry 1: What not to mix
Junior Year:
Chemistry 2: What not to try to smoke
Lab: Poking dead people
Senior Year:
Pharmacuticals: Writing Illegibly
Senior Thesis: Why Doctors are important!

As you know you've got to edit the SimPE additional majors .xml file itself (located in the folder: SimPE/data/additional majors.xml) to get it to work. Open the file with notepad or word pad to do this. The code you will insert is (copy and paste this):

<item value="0xEC153F3E">Medicine</item>
Put it between the <alias></alias> brackets. Should look something like:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<item value="0xEC15A203">Music</item>
<item value="0xEC153F3D">Dance</item>
<item value="0xEC153F3E">Medicine</item>
NOTE: I have additional majors in my file so that's why the music shows up.
Save and exit.

Open SimPE, open a neighborhood, click on sim browser, click the sim you'd like to have the major, click on the university tab in the plug-in view, in majors select dance (should be at the very top), commit and save. When you go into your game it should be there activated on the sim. I suck at tutorials so I hope you understand what I just said.

This should not overwrite anything it has its own guid.