Replacement Eyes for Sims 4

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Uploaded: 6th Sep 2014 at 10:18 PM
Updated: 6th Sep 2014 at 3:24 AM - Changing/verifying for Sims 4 rather than CAS Demo
I have a fascination with eye color, especially the beautiful variety of complex colors found in sectoral heterchromia, or "hazel" eyes. When I first started playing with the CAS Demo, I was disappointed by the eye colors even more than the eye detail. There were too many colors that were too similar to each other, and I found it boring.

I included solid-color brown, dark brown, blue, green, and grey eyes, and spent the rest of the options playing with variations on hazel eyes, in hopes of giving myself more options. I did my best to use colors that made sense when paired with the swatch colors, and tested the package to ensure that each swatch matched its proper eye color. As soon as I got my copy of Sims 4, I verified that the package works just as well with the game as with the demo.

This *is* a FULL REPLACEMENT of CAS eye colors.

Note: To install Sims 4 content, you merely need to place the package file (unzipped) into your Mods folder. No "package" subfolder necessary.

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Done using s4pe