Splash Around - Shower Curtains

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Uploaded: 10th Sep 2014 at 9:44 PM

Let's be honest, bathrooms are boring. They are tiny, crammy places you really don't want to take pictures off because it will give you the most horrific fish-eye ever. But that doesn't mean bathrooms can't and shouldn't have style! So here's a pack of 10 shower curtain recolors, for both the cheap shower and cheap shower/tub combo that came with the basegame. Both a clean and dirty state are included. I've only recolored the curtains and kept the tiles the same, because I never ever use these in my game anymore. Instead, I use the awesome HugeLunatic's Backless Showers which get rid off those fugly Maxis surrounds! Let's face it, what else do you need besides a fabulous shower curtain anyways?

The Details
Clean Water Shower System - §625
Aqua Plus Shower Stall - §1100
Plumbing > Showers & Tubs
5 recolors of each
Dirty and clean state

Additional Credits:
Did you grab HugeLunatic's Backless Showers already?
Patterns from Colourlovers.