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seat posepack

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Uploaded: 17th Dec 2014 at 9:00 PM
This is a new posepack, with 3 female poses, 2 male poses 2 childposes and 1 toddlerpose!

I make 3 poses of this posepack actually only for myself, but I thought that it was a good idea to make more poses and make a posepack!

The name of the poses can you see in the picture.

In the poselist the poses have names like 'a_gitte2001.sittingposes.posepack3.pose1/pose2/pose3/pose4/pose5 and c_gitte2001.sittingposes.posepack3.pose6/pose7 and p_gitte2001.sittingposes.posepack3.pose8

When I make poses, I work with a lot of expressions in their faces.

Close-up of pose 2

Close-up of pose 3

Close-up of pose 1

Close-up of pose 5

The sims are Jaden Doyleh and his big sister/the fairy Lily Doyleh, 2 sims of my Dutch story 'De Doyleh's' The child is the townie Goneril Capp (Roaring Heights) and the toddlers are Jaden and Lily's nephews Andy and Martin

Additional Credits:
The skin is the default skin here:


I thank cmomoney's poseplayer, the tutorial on sims3cliptool and the helpful people on the amazing site simsplanet.