Bruno's Behind these Eyes Maxified

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To celebrate having an actual photo-editing program, I decided to make eyes myself so that I got exactly what I wanted. I really love Bruno's set "Behind These Eyes" , but I always thought natural sclera with caruncle makes Sims look devious. I don't know why, it just doesn't look right to me. But the irises in that set are gorgeous, so I really wanted to have it. Fortunately Bruno allows for textures to be re-used in new projects, so I decided to mix his set and Maxis scleras. And so, this set was born!

Now, because I'm a nut job and want people to be able to get exactly what they want, there are quite a few options of this to pick from. You can either get them as default replacements, or as custom eyes. For custom eyes, I wanted to give you options on the genetic setup of these eyes, and have included all the different variations. I have made a flow chart to help you pick the right files for you. If you find it all very confusing, simply download "GummiluttGeneticsNotModified".

Before you pick files, you might want to understand how Sims genetics for eyes work.

Genetics 101
There are three genetic levels. 0, 1 and 2. A Sim has two genes for eyes, and whichever is most dominant will be the one that the Sim displays. If both are equally dominant, then it's random. The genetic values are more dominant the lower they are, meaning 0 > 1 > 2.

All custom eyes are by default genetic value 0. Maxis eyes are arranged so that brown and dark blue have genetic value 1, and the rest have genetic value 2. What this means is that unmodified custom eyes will always be dominant over any other eyes, and equal to other custom eyes. Brown and dark blue Maxis Eyes will be dominant over Maxis grey, green and light blue.

Which file should you download?

If you're still confused, you're welcome to ask in the comments and I'll help you out.

- Bruno for the original iris textures
- Maxis for the textures of scleras

Programs used
- Gimp
- Bodyshop