Attractive Personality Trait

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Uploaded: 30th Jun 2015 at 12:51 AM
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"If love is labor then these sims have it easy!"

Making that perfect date? Tired of having romantic actions rejected? With the attractive trait, sims' romantic relationships will build faster and so will their charisma! Pair it up with the "Great Kisser" reward to really hit the ball out of the park if you know what I mean This trait uses whims from the romantic trait, the flirty mood, and the charisma skill with the default mood being flirty. Any great romancer never knows when to quit, so these sims will be spared of embarrassment! Because these sims are always itching to get it on, the social need decays slower than usual so they've got time to craft the hook, line, and sinker leading up to that Woohooty text!

This shouldn't replace any existing traits or conflict with any existing mods or game defaults.

Also, this is my first mod and upload--let me know what you think!

Additional Credits:
Buff and Trait Factory from Zerbu
Sims 4 Package Editor from Kuree