Ancestral Sims (Multi PT mod)

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Uploaded: 12th Oct 2015 at 8:32 AM
Updated: 24th Jan 2016 at 12:53 AM
Edit: I've just noticed that one of the PT's wears some lipstick from Nightlife, so I've added that as a requirement. So sorry!

Have you ever looked at the sims that appear on family trees in premade hoods, and think "Why did they put so much effort into these faces but then use bland faces for their living descendants?" - because I did! So when I needed multiple pollination technicians and decided I didn't want to use custom face templates in my megahood (I plan on playing until there's only 1 sim left that is a combination of all sims - so adding in new genetics is basically cheating in my game), I thought "hey, there's a bunch of unused awesome face templates!"

I pitched this idea to Jojoa777, we chose around 14 sims we thought were interesting and eventually narrowed them down to about 8. Then I chose the 4 I wanted to turn into PTs. The names come from various aliens in Sims games.

Before meeting the PTs, here is a little information you NEED to know about Multi-PT mods:
- This makes it so that instead of Pollination Technician (the alien that usually impregnates your sims), you will get one of 4 PTs.
- Do NOT remove the files from your game once adding them. If you no longer want to use them, get rid of the template file but do not remove the sims themselves.
- Place all files into your downloads folder for it to work
- Do not teleport these sims to your lot or use these sims in any way that the game does not intend.
Simple enough, right?

Here are the 4 Pollination Technicians who will be enjoying pollinating your sims from now on
Also if you really enjoy playing with ancestral sims then you should check out Marka93's uploads where you can play at the beginning of every neighbourhood

Emperor Xizzle II:
Emperor Xizzle II was originally the most powerful ruler of an unknown planet beyond the stars, everything was going good for him until an unknown relative knocked him unconscious and threw him on one of the Pollination Technician ships on their mission to Earth to pollinate sims. He keeps telling the other PTs that he's royalty, but they don't believe him. Knowing he'll never see his planet again, he has adjusted to life as a pollination technician.
Face template: Henry Anjou
Named after: Emperor Xizzle
Extracted from Marka93's Beginning of Veronaville with permission (You do not need this for them to work)

Pollination Technician XHT-F:
Pollination Technician XHT-F was the first female Pollination Technician on the planet. Her appearance is quite humanlike, but don't let that fool you - or before you know it your neighbourhood will be filled with large eyed, thick lipped little green aliens, or "Fetusoids" as they're known on her planet
Face template: Rainelle Neengia
Named after: XHT-F Smith
Extracted from Downtown

Pollination Technician XX-XX:
Pollination Technician XX-XX, grew up with her twin brother, XY-XY. She was originally a Birth Queen, but after never finding a Colony Drone to call her own, she got demoted to PT. She's still pretty irritated by that, and often takes out her anger on sims she abducts by implanting her alien spawn in them.
Face template: Calpurnia Caesar
Named after: XY-XY Smith
Extracted from Marka93's 'Beginning of Veronaville' with permission (This Calpurnia does not have the face glitch the one in the original game has)

Pollination Technician XY-XY:
Just your average run of the mill Pollination Technician. He enjoys probing and long walks on the beach.
Face template: Malcolm Landgraab II
Named after: XY-XY Smith
Extracted from Bluewater village

I've tested them out on both my games and they work fine, and produce a collection of very interesting little babies (I was actually surprised by how bland in comparison the offspring below are)
To show you possible offspring, I've made 2 poor unsuspecting sims - one with face 1 and one with face 2 (being that those are the 'most popular' faces) and got them abducted by aliens as many times as it took to get 1 off each parent (I know it may seem like you only ever get 1 PT sometimes, but trust me there's a 1/4 chance of each of them)
Here are the results:

(as adults here )

(as adults here )

If you feel like uploading pictures of the babies in picture threads, please tag me in them because I'd love to see what they turn out like!

Additional Credits:
Jojoa777 - mainly for letting me spam her inbox constantly with ideas
A big thank you to Marka93 - for giving me links to tutorials, as well as letting me use his sims in this upload
Simagroop - for this tutorial: SimPE