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Uploaded 20th Oct 2015 at 6:32 PM

I tried my best to create this amazing Canadian singer, Lights!

For more info about Lights, click here
Want to visit her own website? Click here
Done the things above? Well, guess you now know a bit more about Lights. If you like the things you read (or just checked out a song), or you already knew and liked her, why don't you download my Sim?

I hope you like my creation and have fun meeting Lights in your game with your own Sims!

Please don't claim my creation as yours or upload her somewhere else. If you're using my Sim for your photos or videos, don't forget to give me credits for my creation.

~ AlwaysMusic

Custom Content by Me:
- Lights Poxleitner
- Eyebrows
- Lipstick

Custom Content Included:
- Eyes by ShojoAngel
- Cara Nose-warmth by Lilith
- LowerLipShade by Liulai
- LipsCorners by Liulai
- Donna Hairline MM and Edit-black by Lilith
- Mintclover Smudgy Liner by Lilith
- Alfi Y-NoseTip Step1 Tone1 by Alfi
- Alfi Y-Forehead Step1 Tone2 by Alfi
- Alfi Y-Cheeks Step2 Tone1 by Alfi
- Makeup by Mouseyblue
- 'Diva Lips' glossy overlay #2 - By CatherineTCJD by CatherineTCJD
- *loveless* liner by dm by dragonmandy
- Chèrie Shadow - Kiss the Bride - [email protected] by Bruno
- Moonlight Skinblend-light rose by Lilith
- File Edited with The Wardrobe Wrangler, version 1.1.3026.37483 by Puccamichi
- Vanity hair mesh by Stealthic
- Clothing Mesh by dharden
- Clothing Recolor by CatOfEvilGenius
- Clothing Mesh by CatOfEvilGenius

Additional Credits:
Stealthic for the original hair mesh

Tags: #lights, #valerie, #poxleitner, #bokan, #siberia