*Sweets Shop*

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Uploaded: 20th Dec 2015 at 6:55 PM
since we're still not having snow here I decided to put a little effort into making a sweets shop to help the holiday fun. This is my contribution to this month's theme and hopefully it'll snow before your sims have major sugar rush
It's somehow tradition here to get lots of sweet treats by the end of the year,thought it was a nice idea.

Read bout the lot:
*Community lot
*1x3 size
*One floor + garden
*Two tiny toilets - for personnel and customers
*Costs: 40,028
*Ready for business,no treats are included in the lot - cook and then fill the shelves
*No kitchen is included,since I wanted it to be little and since most of our shops here have sweets delivered,decided to go with the flow
*Has a lemonade stand

Tested it,so far it worked fine,but if you find something not working - feel free to tell me

There's little cc included - 2 paintings and sweets rack

Lot Size: 1x3
Lot Price (furnished): 40,028

Custom Content Included:
- cupcakesign_sweet_s3tos2 by amovitam
- cupcakesign_sweet_rec1 by amovitam
- cupcakesign_sweet_rec2 by amovitam
- painting_sweet_s3tos2 by amovitam
- painting_sweet_rec1 by amovitam
- painting_sweet_rec2 by amovitam
- painting_sweet_rec3 by amovitam
- Ms. Claus' Rolling Bakers Rack by retailsims
- Ms. Claus' Rolling Bakers Rack rec1 by retailsims

Additional Credits:
All creators of cc used(links above)