Collie Mix, Sheba

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Uploaded: 7th Jan 2016 at 5:08 PM
Sheba is a collie mix based on a dog I groomed regularly many years ago. Because of this, and because mixed breeds differ great from each other, I don't have any pictures that really represent how Sheba looked, but the idea is there in the pictures I have chosen.

Sheba will make a great pet for your Sim families, but she is skittish, so no sudden moves!

Sheba is also Non-Destructive and Friendly, which makes up for her tendency to jump at shadows

To have Sheba appear in your game as she does here, you will need the following Custom Content:

Stop Slider and Flew Slider, with thanks by Chasseur Kennel Productions, hosted by Pixietails Kennel HERE

Paw Size Slider for Big and Small Dogs by areeness with thanks.

Big Dog Short Leg Slider with thanks, by One EuroMutt

Large Dog Height Slider with thanks, by SkC Great Dane Registry

Roans - Complete Marking Set and Eyeliner Marking for Dogs with thanks by PharaohHound

Tail 06, Front Leg Left and Head 09 with thanks by Dova Creatons

Toe Nails with thanks by The Divine Kennel

Eyebrows Seven, Snout Shading, Lip Shading 01, and Eye Liner One with thanks by China Rose

HD Coat, HD Eyes, and HD Colorabe Eyelids With special thanks, by Brinwood Estate
Note HD Skin is only recommended it you can play your game with Sim detail set to very high.