Waffle House

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Uploaded: 16th Oct 2016 at 8:05 PM
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If you live in the South, you will know Waffle House is based on a chain of real restaurants. Nothing fancy, just your basic diner. If you love breakfast like I do, you will know why I had to have a Waffle House in my game. Mmmm, pecan waffles. Get 'em anytime of the day or night.

The decor is nothing special, just efficient and all business but I love taking my Sims here so much. The size and layout turned out perfect for EA restaurant operating protocol. Unless there's a rush, seating takes about 20-30 minutes, 30 minutes to order and an hour to get served... although that wouldn't fly at a real Waffle House. Turn and burn, baby. Turn and burn. I haven't played this as an owned restaurant and would love to hear from someone who has the patience to do it.

Even with MOO on, you will have to raise the sign to the top of the sign post with the 9 key. I also have a flood light way up in the billboard that will drop to the parking lot and have to be raised. I could not resist the billboard because the freezer bunny movie is playing next door at the theater, and also, it looks way cool from map view. You may also notice an edited version of Brittpinkiesim's awesome Pizza Hut . The theater/arcade and the other restaurant are unreleased by me. Let's make Magnolia Promenade fun again!

Required CC is listed in descending order of importance. The only thing you absolutely can't get by without is the window since EA didn't give us a counter height shop window. Dine Out is required for this lot, obviously. The barstools and coffee machine from Get Together, TV from Get to Work and clutter from Outdoor Retreat are optional if you're willing to do a bit of remodel.

Inside the 7zip you will find files with extensions .bpi, .blueprint and .trayitem These go in your Tray folder. Place the lot from inside the lot in build mode with bb.moveobjects on . Don't forget to check the "Include Custom Content" button under ADVANCED on the left side of your library.

IMPORTANT! If you want your lot to look just like the pics you need to manually download the following files:


The Waffle House Uniforms are set to the following:

SimDoughnut's Aramark Diner Uniform Recolors
Marigold's Ribbon Head Band

A final shout out to the amazing Jenba who is also a huge fan of Waffle House. If you would prefer a diner without any CC, go get her Goldy's Griddle

Lot Size: 30x20
Lot Price (furnished): 69514